Markus F.
Santa Monica, CA

We couldn't be happier with our choice of sending out 18-month-old son to ECK. Deanne and Maggie do such a great job taking care of the kids and keeping the parents in the loop of what is going on. The kids do so many fun activities and learn so much. Our son started knowing only a few words but within only the 1st week he had tripled his vocabulary. We love the fact that he is interacting with kids of all ages at ECK as he is learning so much from them.  Our son has an egg allergy and ECK is very accommodating. We were worried about our son making the transition from being at home with Mom and Dad all day to going to a daycare but Deanne and Maggie were so patient and understanding that it was the easiest transition ever and our son now cries when we pick him up because he doesn't want to leave.

Christina H.
Encino, CA

We are so lucky to have found Encino Creative Kids.  Our son is
developing his social skills and learning so much each day.  My husband and I can see the care that Deanne and Miss Maggie have for the children which makes us feel secure each day we drop him off. The center is kept clean and is full of fun and safe toys for the children. Thank you ECK!

Ceeca B.
Los Angeles, CA

My son has loved Encino Creative Kids from day 1. Miss Deanne and Miss Maggie treat each child with as much care and love as though each child were their own. I feel very fortunate to have met Miss
Deanne, my son is learning so much and best part about it is that he's
happy in his learning environment. Thank you ECK for all the support you have given us!

J G.
Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, CA

Deanne and Maggie have done a great job with transitioning my son from being taken care of by family members and having to start a day care. This was his first experience being away from us, so he had a difficult time in the beginning. Deanne was gracious enough to have my son come in for a few hours on days he wasn't scheduled just so he can adjust. I thought that was so helpful and within time he got used to them and their environment. Their facility is filled with tons of learning games and different activities that now when I pick my son up, he doesn't want to leave. I also love that we get a daily hand written note on how my son's day was, the activities he did, how much food he ate, and if he went potty. He even loves getting his note before we leave.

Patty R.
Los Angeles, CA

The loving and caring environment provided by Miss Deanne and Miss Maggie is what won me over. My son felt right at home with the rest of the toddlers. The sweet children were welcoming and eager to play with my son. I'm looking forward to enrolling my son in the months to come. I'm glad that I found this hidden gem in the Encino area.

Tatiana C.
Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, CA

After hours of researching and visiting several different daycares, we decided to send our son to ECK.  Considering our son is our only child and up until he started daycare, he had only been taken care of by family, we were very particular about where we wanted to send him.  Deanne was quick to respond to my inquiry, answered every question I had, and was extremely friendly and reassuring throughout the whole process.  During our visit, I was very impressed with the amount of space the children had (it was, by far, the biggest daycare I had seen up to that point) and how clean and organized everything was.
My son has been at ECK for about 2 months now and he gets so excited to go to daycare.  We can see the improvements he has made in social settings which is pretty amazing considering the short amount of time he has spent there.  Deanne and her staff are caring and flexible to work with.  Anytime we had any concerns, we would discuss ways to address them and it would get taken care of. We love all the art work they do with the kids, you can tell that the staff spends quite a bit of extra time on some of the art pieces to make them extra special and we love displaying them on our refrigerator at home.  Some other extra positives about this place: located in a great neighborhood, Deanne was accommodating about what days we wanted to take him there since he is part time, and they have an adorable bunny and friendly cat that the kids get to interact with.

Tara l C.
Los Angeles, CA

ECK has been a wonderful experience for my family. When I returned to work full-time when my son was 10 months old, I was very tentative about leaving my son in daycare. But Deanne and Maggie allayed my fears immediately. Their attentiveness and genuine caring not only made me feel better, but my son absolutely loves going. ECK provides daily reports with what he eats, how much he naps, and the day's events. My son's vocabulary and overall learning level is above average for his age and I attribute much of this to the activities and structure provided here. I love getting the crafts and projects the kids work on, and my son loves making them. Being able to see his photos on their Facebook page of what they are doing throughout the day allows me see how happy he is and what he is learning. When I pick up my son at talk with Deanne and Maggie and the other parents, ECK not only feels like a great daycare, but also a community.

Desiree J.
Los Angeles, CA

We are so happy we found ECK! Our daughter has been attending ECK for just about 6 months, starting when she was just over a year. We immediately felt comfortable with the setting and schedule at ECK. I want my daughter to learn independence and self confidence and we felt that this was a good fit for fostering a warm environment for her to achieve those goals. I was very nervous having my child be the only crawler in the group when she started, but was put at ease with the care and attention she received from Deanne and the teachers. She has continued to blossom since started at ECK and at a year and a half I am so impressed with all that she has learned in class. I love the art projects that she brings home along with the good habits she is learning. We have been happy with the open lines of communication with the staff and the way both concerns and praise have been handled. I love seeing my daughter interact with the other kids and forming positive relationships with other adults.

If you are looking for care for your child, I would highly recommend touring ECK to see if it's a good fit for your family and child. I wish I could spend the whole day with my daughter, but if I can't, I love knowing she's in good hands- gets plenty of hugs and personal attention at ECK. The best feeling as a mom is when I pick her up at the end of the day and she doesn't want to go home because she's so happy there- really puts me at ease!

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