Q: Are you a licensed facility? Do you carry insurance?

A: Yes, we opened in 2008. We are licensed as a large family daycare, but we run our daycare on a preschool schedule. Our license number is #197415038. We have a child care insurance policy that we renew yearly in September. Each family pays $100 yearly towards this policy. 

Q: What and when will my child eat?

A: We aim to offer breakfast at 8:30 am, but we are mandated to serve by 9:00 am latest, lunch at 11:45/12:00 and an afternoon snack around 2:45/3:00.

We are required to wait 3 hours between breakfast to lunch and 2 hours from lunch to snack by our Food Program sponsor.

We serve the recommended guidelines, per age of child by The Department of Agriculture.

All enrolled and drop-in children are included in our food program. (A sample menu will be given upon request). Parents may bring extra snacks for their child such as: string cheese, yogurt, fruit/veggie pouches, apple sauce, etc… (optional) if they would like their child to eat more often than those times (or) a larger amount.

**If your child has a food allergy, please let us know know we can address this in more detail. We are a peanut free facility.

Q: Where and When will my child sleep?

A: Our children sleep in the main house daily. We aim our naptime to be from 12:30 to 2:30. Depending on how long it took them to fall asleep, it may be extended to 3:00. If a parent would like the child to wake up earlier, we are able to have the child do quiet activities such as books and puzzles.

Pack n’ play placement is in our infant area with soft music or sound machine. Older children (about 2 years and up) will sleep on low, child-sized cots together in the living room with soft music.

Q: What if my child is older or doesn’t nap?

A: Children will rest quietly for one hour; then he/she may do a quiet activity at the table if he/she doesn’t nap.

Q: When can I drop my Child off at Daycare/School?

A: ECK opens at 8:00am. We encourage our families to arrive before 9:00, if possible.

8:00-9:00 is open play (child directed fun play that they get to choose what and where they play) and when breakfast is served.

**We do cut-off arrivals at 10:30 due to our lunch and nap schedule. If pre-arranged, parent may drop-off child from 2:30-5:00, if they have a doctor’s appt. or other that morning.

**PLEASE note that we ask families to not give their children shots and then bring to school. Please pick up your child early and then take him/her for shots so you can comfort your child that day.

Q: Can I stay and watch my child at drop-off?

A: Each child is unique and the amount of time spent will vary. From our experience, we have found that is it best for the child if a parent says a happy goodbye and leaves quickly. Many parents will use the car ride to talk about what their child will enjoy that day at school. Perhaps you could be excited about the playdough, the arts & crafts, all the fun toys, the ball pit, slides, sandbox and friends. You can tell your child that you will be back right after nap, or snack, etc.

It’s tempting to ask for "just one more hug” after your child has happily skipped off, but that is confusing for young children. We suggest that you get your bear hugs at the gate.

If you have flexibility in your schedule, children get so excited when a parent / caregiver arrives a bit early to play with them. Your child will be thrilled to see you! He/she may even want to "show off” for you. You will leave happily together.

**Please sign-out prior to visiting with your child. Once a parent is here, you are responsible for your child’s safety and behavior. We do ask that you please try to keep your visit less than 30 minutes, as it may be hard for the other children to see a parent that is not their own. If an adult’s presence is too hard on a child, we will have to ask you to please leave early. We do hope that you understand and wouldn’t want that to happen to your child.

Q: Do we pay when our child is sick or absent?

A: Yes, we are holding a spot for your child that no other child may use.

Q: Do we pay for holidays / vacation / closed days?

A: Yes, all families pay for holidays/vacation/closed days. ** You will be given a "Looking Ahead” Paper listings all of the days for the year.
ECK takes a one week vacation each summer that requires payment, billed as usual AND is closed for one week during Winter Break that is also billed as usual.

You will have ample notice of the dates. We are happy to assist you in arranging care for that week with other daycares in the area, if you should need help.

Q: What is needed to start my child at Encino Creative Kids (ECK)?

A: Once you and your child have toured our facility, the next step is to schedule a trial day. The trial day is from 9-3 and the fee is $75 cash at drop-off, please. We will text or email you a detailed accounting of your child’s day (usually during nap time), as well as some pictures to your cell phone.

If the trial day was a positive experience, the next step is to pay your $100 yealry insurance fee and $50 one time cot/bedding fee to start your 30 Day Trail Period, that will be week to week. During this time, both parties learn about each other to foster a good fit for the child, the child’s family, and for the school.

Once those four weeks have passed and everything is going smoothly, we will provide you with our contract. You will return it, along with a deposit. We require a 2 week deposit that will be used the last 2 weeks your child is with ECK.

Payments are due Fridays by 9:00 am for the following week’s care. The checks are collected a week before they are due for the month. Ex: The week of August 3rd, we will ask for August 7, 14, 21, 28 th checks.

They are put into envelopes and deposited each Friday morning. A sample will be given.

Q: Is your deposit refundable or partially refundable?

A: No, we do not refund, or give partial refunds of any fees. You may use up your 2 week deposit or forfeit the deposit.

Q: What if my child is sick? Can he/she come?

A: It is always best to keep a sick child home to rest and recover. This helps greatly to stop the spreading of illness. **You will be given our illness policy sheet. Please refer to the policy and keep in mind: what your child has and how long he/she has had it. If you are still not sure, please email Deanne at deannerostami5@gmail.com, prior to arriving.

Q: What are your rates?

A: Our weekly rates are as follows:
1 Year to Pre-school age: Full Time 5 days: $340 week
4 days: $310
3 days: $250
2 days: $170
1 day: $90
Drop-In Care: Ages 2 & up (as needed, if space is available: $90 day (cash only at drop-off)

**ECK DOES OFFER AFTER CARE UNTIL 6:00PM for $10 day for part time schedules (or) $25 weekly for full time schedule.

Q: Why are you rates the same price for older kids?

A: We hire an additional teacher to assist with academic learning lessons. We spend quite a lot on supplies and materials. Older children require more food and beverages. Older children wear out our toys, books and supplies much more quickly.

Q: How many children and teachers do you have?

A: We are State licensed for up to 14 children, but we stop at 12 unless we have a few other ones during the school breaks. Our ratio is 1 to 4 or 5.

Please note: The number of teachers changes with the number of children on a given day. We typically have two teachers when we are low on children or during naptime. A third teacher joins us during our academic lessons. We normally wrap up our day with 3 teachers. **We have more teachers/staff when we have younger children and/or more total numbers of children. Also note that we do not have infants to care for under the age of 1 year.

Q: What is the difference between an infant and a toddler?

A: Per the State of California licensing department, an infant turns into a toddler on his/her second birthday. Large Family daycares ( 14 children) may have up to 4 infants at any one time. Small Family daycares (8 children) may have only 3 infants.

Q: How will my child benefit at your facility rather than being with a nanny?

A: We feel that a good quality nanny is great for the first year of your child’s life!

We do hope that we have answered your questions. If you have a different question not covered, please either call us or email us. Our tours are short, no longer than 20 minutes, so that we may attend to the needs of our enrolled children.

Tours are to allow you to see the facility layout, meet the teachers and other children here. You will be given a folder with many great papers explaining aspects about our school when leaving.

Specific details will be discussed by phone or email at a time that we are not caring for enrolled children.

deannerostami5@gmail.com or (818) 399-5907

Thank you once again for your interest in our sweet school.

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